Oh, Olivia Wilde

One of the hottest chicks out there, and one of the first posts here at BFB, what a better way to say merry xmas than Olivia Wilde barefooted under your tree! Merry Xmas everyone!

Olivia Wilde Barefoot


Olivia Wilde Barefoot olivia-wilde-barefoot

Heidi Klum

Well what can u say about Heidi? Pretty from any point of view.

Heidi Klum feet

Phoebe Price

Nice to make these findings, (not sure if english) actress Phoebe Price.

Phoebe Price feet

Phoebe Price high heels

Saluting Potter

Just because no matter how ugly it gets, we will still watch next HP movie: Emma Watson and Bonnie Wright barefooted, enjoy!

Emma Watson Barefoot

Bonnie Wright barefoot

Sela Ward

Very 90’s pix of true beauty Sela Ward.

Sela Ward feetSela Ward on Barefoot Beauties


Julianne Moore goes wild and BF

Julianne Moore’s got that sexy something… mmm.

julianne moore

julianne moore lion

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