Yumi Sugimoto 杉本有美 Weekend!

Yumi Sugimoto Barefoot Beauties 01 seagy99 feet

Yumi Sugimoto

Yumi Sugimoto toes flipflopsYumi Sugimoto toes

Yummy Yumi

Yumi Sugimoto of course!

Japanese model Yumi Sugimoto feet & soles on Barefoot Beauties blog @ wordpress


Yumi Sugimoto

Cuteness in red

Amazing japanese model Yumi Sugimoto cute red bikini showing her feet and wrinkly soles and toes on Barefoot Beauties blog

Yumi Sugimoto

She’s not my fave but she’s many people’s fave hence there are tons of her pix around. If you like her, well, good news, many posts coming!

Yumi Sugimoto on Barefoot Beauties

Yumi Sugimoto

More J goodness to share. I created a new category (J Model) exclusively for japanese girls since most of them perform equally as models, actresses, singers and even adult actresses with apparently no problem.

yumi sugimoto 02_04_01 feet

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