Bianca Gascoigne

British model and reality TV star.

Bianca Gascoigne on Barefoot Beauties

Gemma Atkinson

Gemma Atkinson posing as some videogame character. Who said gamers are losers uh?

Gemma Atkinson on Barefoot Beauties

Rosie Jones

Hell yeah. after long time i managed to get my digital hands on another barefoot shot of british hot cutie Rosie Jones. I guess it was well worth the wait.

Rosie Jones on Barefoot Beauties

Emma Watson

I hate Emma Watson’s new look, yet there’s something about these pics…

Phoebe Price

Nice to make these findings, (not sure if english) actress Phoebe Price.

Phoebe Price feet

Phoebe Price high heels

Saluting Potter

Just because no matter how ugly it gets, we will still watch next HP movie: Emma Watson and Bonnie Wright barefooted, enjoy!

Emma Watson Barefoot

Bonnie Wright barefoot

Sienna Miller Wallpaper

Hippie chick int the pose.

Hippie chick pose

Lucy Pinder & Michelle Marsh

Two hot beauties from UK. I hear they are the bomb over there, i can see why.

Georgia Horsley

UK’s Beauty queen certainly has us at her feet

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