Monica Barefoot Bellisima

Monica Belluci harlequin


Gwyneth Paltrow 02

Just watched Iron Man 3 and couldn’t help but posting this one.

Gwyneth-Paltrow feet @ Barefoot Beauties

Black & White

girl feet toes

Jennifer López

I’m not a big fan of JLo, so this one caught pretty unaware.

Jennifer Lopez feet

Good Morning

Pic by Domino on Deviant A.

Girl feet sole BW

Cate Blanchett

Everyone’s favorite elven queen!

Cate Blanchett feet & toes on Barefoot Beauties pg rated pics of barefoot girls

Giselle Bündchen

Gisele Bündchen feet soles BW

Art feet

Megan Fox again

Another shot of Megan Fox barefooted.

Megan Fox

I’m not crazy in love with Megan Fox, but i’m not the kind of idiot not to recognize she’s stunning hot. And when she poses barefoot she’s even hotter :p Enjoy!

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