Happy Weekend with Tikkanii

I usually don’t post on Saturdays, but I’ve been forgetting this blog so long, that… whatever! Just Enjoy!

Beautiful canadian cosplayer Tikkanii.



Holo Spice and Wolf

By Kitnichi. More on her DA page 🙂


Dita Von Teese as Snow White

dita-von-teese snowwhite01 dita-von-teese snowwhite02 dita-von-teese snowwhite03 dita-von-teese snowwhite04


Beautiful cosplay girl by Everage.


Rinoa cosplay

Beautiful Final Fantasy VIII cosplay. Would love to see the other characters as well.

Rinoa Final Fantasy cosplay feet


Cosplay beauty! Usually cosplays are obscure anime or videogame characters and this one is no exception, or is it? this one’s a Disney character! can u guess it? well, google this post’s title and be surprised…or don’t and just enjoy. Who cares anyway?

gadget cosplay girl feet soles

Ramona Flowers!

You read right. This guy Everage is on Deviantart, go check, he has some amazing stuff.

Ramona Flowers cosplay feet soles

Ayanami cosplay

I’ve always been sort of an anime fan, but i’ve never seen and I bet none of you has ever seen this, barefoot focused cosplay!

Barefoot Rei Ayanami Cosplay

Two nice wallpapers

First pic is yummy actress Autumn Reeser. She’s on my list now. Kelly Brooks is the second one (thanks to Dewey!). Last one I nave no clue.

All right she’s not barefoot but there’s something about those baretoes boots…

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