Dita Von Teese as Snow White

dita-von-teese snowwhite01 dita-von-teese snowwhite02 dita-von-teese snowwhite03 dita-von-teese snowwhite04

Dita Von Teese 2

dita feet


Dita Von Teese

Being the fetish queen she is, one would think that finding barefoot pics of Dita would be easier, not to my surprise. Tons of kinky stuff of her, that’s for sure, but suitable bf pics (suitable for this blog i mean) are hard to find. From this shots only the 1st one is your expected Barefoot Beauties quality post, others are low resolution, but nice enough for me to post.

Ditavonteese toe paint

dita-von-teese bedbfshow red dita-von-teese

dita-von-teese BW


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