Eva Mendes fashion fetish

WARNING: Suggestive and brief nudity (boobs).

After seeing so many gorgeous barefoot shots of Eva Mendes, I began getting suspicious that, if she didn’t have a foot fetish, she’s, to say the least, pretty aware of how sexy her feet are and the effect they have on us guys (and girls, as webmaster i know such things), well, suspicion time is over, this photoshoot she made for italian Vogue makes  it pretty clear: the girl knows it, enjoys it, and the best part, uses it.

Eva Mendes wall

Eva Mendes soles feet Barefoot Beauties

Eva Mendes

I hate to say it but i’m becoming a huge fan of Eva Mendes feet. Just spreading the word. Nice weekend everyone!

Eva Mendes Feet

Eva Mendes outdoors

Return of hottest latina ever on BFB.


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