Aino Kishi (Sunday, Sunday)

You know it’s time for footsie pix galore!

Aino Kishi feet on Barefoot Beauties

Mai Nishida

Mai Nishida red hood legwarmers feet toes


Salute Barefoot Beauties’ newest frequent visitor

Mihito toes feet

Ai Haneda

Ai Haneda feet stockings fishnets

Yukiko Suo

Ai Amano

Japanese model Ai Amano feet toes soles on Barefoot Beauties

Ai Amano soles

Asami Tada

japanese Asami Tada feet toes

Anri Sugihara

Anri Sugihara feet

Yumi Sugimoto

Yumi Sugimoto toes flipflopsYumi Sugimoto toes

Mai Oshima

Mai Oshima feet

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